Discernment is the ability to get quick perceptions or judgement on an important matter. For judgment, discernment is more than an instinct or a psychological attribute. It’s the divine ability given by God to understand his leadings per time. It is seeing and knowing beyond the physical. Within judgment, discernment involves going past the mere perception of something and making nuanced judgments about its properties or qualities.


Discernment is a quality of attentiveness to God’s voice or any other he speaks such that, over time, this develops into the ability to sense God’s heart and purpose in any given moment of our live. We become familiar with the tone, quality, and content of God’s voice per time.      

With the world’s quest for power, money and fame. so many have lost their hard-earned money or precious properties because they could not discern and make right decisions as at when due.


The discerning heart functions as a result of the discerning spirit and the Spirit comes to play when one’s heart is yielded to God. For God is the giver of all things and all things are received in Christ Jesus. When a man is covetous and filled with contempt, he cannot function in discernment. It is where the spirit of God, there liberty is and vice versa.

It is important to note that the Holy Spirit of God that is the custodian of all spiritual gifts and without him we cannot receive the gift of discernment which is of God.

Discernment of spirits

Another important aspect of discernment is what Scripture calls “discernment of spirits” (1 Corinthians 12:10) or “test[ing] the spirits to see whether they are from God” (1 John 4:1). The discernment of spirits helps us to distinguish the real from the false, the true from the false, in the external world but also in the interior world of our own thoughts and motives. As we become more aligned to these subtle spiritual dynamics, we are able to distinguish between what is good (that which moves us toward God and his calling upon our lives) and what is evil (that which draws us away from God).

As a man surrenders all to Jesus and receives the baptism of the Holy Ghost. He has become the abode of God in whom Christ dwells forever.

The Holy Spirit opens up the deep and secret things of the heart. Infact, many men have escaped attacks, death, waste even theft as a result of the use of the spirit of discernment.

The likes of Paul the apostle were able to escape from the wicked ones and was able to make Spirit filled decision that saved them and many others; the case of the ship wreck.

Jesus by the use of the gift of discernment could discern the people who walked with him including all his disciples and the Jews who sought to kill him.


He became a success in life and ministry that all earth could reckon with till today. He did not yield to feelings and circumstances that surrounds him.

He had a choice to live an easy life but he could discern the purpose for which he was brought forth. He took his stand and fought the battle; he ran the race selflessly even the death of the cross.

The devil tempted him but no way, he took his stand and remained focused in the fulfilment of his destiny as d many years ago.

A discerning man cannot be trapped by the tactics of the enemy; he obeys God with an undivided attention and yields to the Holy Spirit. He is spiritually aligned.

This day the Holy Spirit opens up his arm for you to come in. Your acceptance of his love for you grants you access to his gifts in which one of them is the gift of discernment.

We are overcomers because the battle has been won. The chains have been broken and we are made free but we must understand that the devil roams around seeking who to destroy.

We are able to detect his craftiness and overcome them all as we yield our heart to the Father and the Spirit. All things in God are freely given and nothing can be received until we accept Jesus as Lord and savior.

You can confess with your month and believe with your heart that Jesus is Lord. To continue in the power the Holy Spirit to be sensitive, a constant prayer life must be cultivated.


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