The failure of the natural man is his inability to discern clearly all that God has for him according to the scriptures. He can only see from situations. He walks in the shallowness of his own mind and cannot figure things out.

God created the whole world and gave us our uniqueness. We learn to discover all that God has for us immediately we are yielded to Him.

But for a spirit filled man who is also known as the Spiritual Man, He has been given a clear insight into God’s word and he walks in the truth he has known.

The path of the spiritual man might be filled so much challenges but he learns through God’s word that he has been redeemed and given total victory over all.

The enemy of the spirit filled man cannot overwhelm him, actually not because the Spirit filled man is just spiritual but because he lives in him who loves him and gave Himself for him.

The heart of the spirit filled man is focused on God since he represents who he aims to become. He fellowships with Him always for day-to-day instructions and help.

When the spirit filled man speaks, he speaks with all boldness and spiritual understanding. He will not be afraid of enemy. He has taken hold of the sword of the spirit and with it he destroys all the fiery darts of the evil one.

Failure means nothing to him, it does not means he has failed. It only means he could forge ahead and taken better steps in alignment to God’s word. He never gives up on God.

He takes his time to build himself up through the study of God’s word and prayer. He yields himself to the spirit and he is never alone.

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