arise and shine


Arise and Shine! That’s what the Lord says. This is more than just a mere word spoken out  of sentiment, it is a command given to you by the Most High God tellng you to leave your  current position, prediament  and come live a higher life.

it is a call to move forward, make progress and take gaint strides by all means. This is God desires for you in life and destiny no matter the situation of things. Today is another day and God still beckons on you to take giant strides and come up hither just like Moses who lived a fearful life who in the bid of escaping the wrath of Pharoah ran to the land of the Midiantes seeking for refuge and help.

Though he sought for an escape route and found one in the house of Jethro, the priest and he was about to settle down with his family in the land of the Medianite when God appeared to him to told him to arise and shine forth. God spoke to him from the burning bush and gave him specific instructions for which he would arise and take up his destiny without fear. From there, he followed the steps of the Lord as he was given.

He arose and left the land of the Midianite to the very land he dread,  a land he escaped from in the bid to settle down there. God has called him to arise and shine; his destiny was be a saviour of God’s people but before now he was a slave to fear and uncertainties that beset him. Now he has been called up by the one who knows his name, he holds all things in his hands and commands his destiny.

Moses left and from there he became a mighty man who the Lord tremedously used to conquer God’s enemies and save the people of Isreal as he has promised them. With him God wrought mighty signs and wonders, deliverance and built a covenant with the people of Isreal. Indeed, when God says to arise, it is to lift you, bless you ,make you an eternal excellency and joy of many generations.

If you heard him call you several times but because of fear like Moses, you refused to go to Arise and shine or because of what men will say refuses to arise and shine or because of financial issues continue to postpone your shining in this age and time that the Lord has called your season, that is dangerous and selfish.

This is because as a result of your shining, you take up your place in destiny and you become a blessing to your generation. It is not just about yourself beloved, it is about your generation. The whole earth awaits your manifestion as a son of your father. God has given you all things pertaining to life and godliness and expects you to launch forth in the might of the Spirit don’t hibernate, don’t keep to yourself instead let your light so shine that people might see your good works and glorify God.

Eniola Joy

Paul speaking to Timothy said,let no one despise your youth but be an example of a believer in words, charity and in truth. even if people despise you because of your age and status in life, Arise and shine and take up the challenge like David whose siblings and Father forgot in the wilderness with the sheep which he cared for. Isn’t that amazing?

David was despised by his own family, he was forgotten. When prophet Samuel came to the household of Jesse to anoint him he was not arrayed with his siblings, infact if not for God who withheld Prophet samuel from anointing Eliab, the first son of Jesse that would have been it. He would have missed out of his prophetic destiny and lived a life less of God’s predetermined will and counsel.


David was not intimidated by the actions of his family he took his place obeying God’s command to arise and shine that’s was why he got so much courage to face the bear and the Lion alone in the wilderness. Can you imagine, a 17 year old boy in the bush with his father’s sheep and was even attacked by a lion and a bear.

This is amazing! God delivered him from the hands of the bear and lion. He was sustained and helped, he could have decided to run away helplessly while with the sheep especially when it was dark and the night time was uncertain or when the lion and the bear came to attack the sheep. From this scenerios, we see a young man whose absolute dependance was God alone even at trying moments.

David killed Goliath in this strenght, overturn the enemies and putting them to flight. Isn’t it amazing that when you arise, your nation, your generation arise with you. In your light that you shine forth, they have come to see ligth and fulfilment. Could you imagine, after the Armes of Israel were threathened for days by Goliath of Gath, even the Philistines and they could have overthrown God’s precious people and wasted them all at a go, David came to the resue havng girded himself with strenght and the whole armour of God, he stood against the enemies and killed Goliath their main man.

They all fled knowing fully well that the armies of Isreal had defeated them. Do you think David and his family would have been exempted if the Philistines had won the battle against them especially seeing that they do not have the fear of God in them, they would have mercilessly killed young and old and carted away with precious things. Now your arising to take the baton in sports, politics, education, church administration, health sector and many others is the key to your deliverance even the deliverance of your generation at large.

David is a practical example of one who arise and shine. He was faced with situations and circumstances like you. He rose up trusting and leaning absolutely in the living God who makes all things new. He could have tried escaping the situations but he held strongly to one who led him on; The faithful witness and the migty man in battle.  It is not enough to arise while living in fear of life situatons, take a look at Peter one of the disciples of the master who took a bold step of faith to walk upon the sea.

Peter was a man who loved the Lord and wanted to do his bidding at every point in time, in this very situaton, Peter and other disciples saw Jesus walkng on the sea and they were astonished and asked if truly it was Jesus,of course Jesus replied that he is the one at this Peter asked in faith, “if it is you bid me to come” and the master did. Peter started out in faith. he began walking on the sea as Jesus did but suddenly, he left focusing of the Master, his attention was now on the billows and storms on the sea and he began to fear. At that moment, Peter began to sink, how fast he had forgotten how he got there, he had beckoned on the Master who told  him to come earlier. The moment he called on the master for help, he was restored. You must stay focused on the Lord God who has commanded to Arise for it is he who would cause you to shine effortlessly and globally. Don’t be distracted like Peter instead maintain your focus in life and Shine!

Living like an Eagle

Shine like Queen Esther who became a queen in a strange land, who changed the laws of the land and uphold righteousness even at a very daunting situation. She took it up to defend her land from destruction and wickeness, she wore the garment of strenght and prayer and defended her cause as it relates to her people. Shine, i say shine for it is God’s will for you for you to shine. Thank God Queen Esther took her stand if not her life and the lives of her people would have been lost.

As you take the step to Arise, stay focused like Daniel who refused to stop the worship of his God even at the decree  of the King Asherus. Daniel knew that the decree had been made yet he opened his window lifting up his face unto the Most Hight who indeed helped him. Could you have imagined one living with hungry lions yet preserved, not even a scratch on him. Glory to God! God indeed save those who trust in him. But you have to Arise and Shine at his commands. If he says it, he can do it. God keeps to his word do not entertain fear, doubt or any high sounding nonsense. Arise and Shine!

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