BE AT ALERT! 1 Peter 5:8

One of the first thing you think when someone tells you to be at alert or vigilant is that you look around in fear to check what the problem is. When God uses this word, he is talking about the equipping of a man with the whole armour of God which is the perquisite to victory in life. I Peter 5:8

            The truth is this; we have an adversary who is always looking around for people he could devour in ignorance, fear, shame, covetousness, pride and other works of the flesh.

Anyone who dwells in these things is whatever the Devil and his cohorts are doing. We must stand against man in spirit realm without taking chances as a spiritual being, we have all the right to control every situation and we are master over all circumstances. (Luke 12:32) Probably we have forgotten who God made us, our purpose and identity. Romans 8:15

We are God’s image revealed in Christ Jesus, the glory of the Father established on earth. I am happy to tell you that he Loves you forever. II Timothy 1:7

As a soldier will always be at alert and well armed with weapons, not checking around in fear of the enemy but in authority coupled with boldness to put the enemies to flight. II Timothy 2:4 God’s word and prayer are some of our weapons we must not do without. Ephesians 6:18 “Pray always with all supplication…” Don’t be caught unawares by the enemy.


Many marriages have crumbled; some are in the state of disarray not knowing what to do at all. Proverbs 24:3 Many of these situations should not have occurred in the first place if not for lack spiritual sensitivity coupled with careless attitude (always taking things for granted). Eve was easily deceived because she wasn’t knowledgeable or sensitive to the enemy’s deceit.  

Some ladies have been jilted and confused in respect to their marital all because of their insensitivity to what God is saying, they have allowed emotions; feelings and what they have seen or heard affect them negatively. God is calling you today to be spiritually alert, focused and well equipped with the whole armour of God.

            The first thing to look for in marriage is God not those good looking or well to do brothers. Let your heart be hidden in Christ such that when that man seeks you, he only has to seek the Lord to find you.


            God is not a man that will lie nor repent whatever he had said concerning you is true and he is concerned about everything pertaining to us. Your academics is never a mistake, as long as a man continue to live in Christ, he finds fulfillment and strength to forge ahead. Acts 3:16

            Live a life of faith, don’t allow anything to make you fail not even sickness because God had made you a success, only walk in that consciousness (acknowledge God’s word for you). Romans 4:18


Health is wealth they say and I agree. God gave us good health and wants to take good care of ourselves.  Proverbs 3:8, Jeremiah 30:17

Eat well; don’t wait until you have symptoms of malaria especially when you are not fasting. Isaiah 30:23, Isaiah 58:14

Rest well, do not over stress your body. Over using your body makes you unnecessarily tired to perform all other daily assignments given to you by God. Matthew 11: 28

Be hygienic, never allow laziness prevent you from cleaning your home, toilet, bathroom, bedroom, dustbin and other things in your possession. God gave them to you so that you can manage them well.


Many people have lived in sickness, some died as a result while some are still regretting their actions. It has been observed that many sicknesses and diseases had been contracted from dirty toilets and kitchens.

            It is not wisdom to leave your rooms unkempt, it is wisdom to clean it and make it receptive for yourself, your friends even for the Holy Ghost who is forever in us.

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