Just recently, I saw a cockcroach who seems to be active, busy and doing its thing in the house. Because I know that a cockcroach is a dangerous insect capable of transferring germs and bacteria and moreover, I don’t need a neighbour that can be that dangerous 😜 so I seek to eliminate it immediately.

The cockcroach had a level of smartness but suddenly I caught a grip of it, smashed its legs with a small bag close to me suddenly it became still and didn’t move for over 5 mins but just when I thought it was dead and was ready to take it out it began to move its head and was trying to move its legs so it could escape quickly.  I assumed it fainted when I smashed its legs with my bag and later woke up later on.

So, I saw it now struggling with its legs. Normally, it thought that it could have left the scene with his legs when they were active and well but alas they have been disconnected from its joints and its struggle to move did not come with significant movement.  The cockcroach tried a little better, moving its legs perhaps trying to escape since it saw that someone was moving towards it. It’s reflective instinct tells it to run, trying to escape immediately but it’s legs had been disconnected from its joint and there is nothing it could achieve with a disconnected leg because they couldn’t take him any far from the spot it was smashed.

This is exactly what happened to a believer who wants to fight against the evil one when they come against him without any spiritual authority and power. Just like Samson, he had done so many mighty things as a result of his divine connection to Yaweh, infact he was a covenant man who God gave special abilities and shaving his hair means an absolute disconnection from the covenant of his strenght. He came to a point in his life he began to go against the law of God and soon he came in contact with a strange woman whose goal is to pull him down.
Actually, she does not mind if she will be payed to get it done because she laboured relentlessly to see this happen.

She prevailed over him after several attempts, now his hair was shaved, a disconnection from his divine connection with his maker, God. Now, because he has prevailed several times after been trapped, he thought this is just going to be the same but no more he has been disconnected from his divinely given strenght and could no more escape like before. He has been smashed just like that cockroach who encroached in my territory, my beloved house but was definitely smatched out.

God wants us to stand perfect in his will, connected with him just like the vine and the branches. He knows the enemy aims at us always seeking to destroy our glorious destiny that’s why we must not be ignorance of the tactics of the Devil. We must stay vigilant, staying where God placed us; at the right hand of God in Christ our intercessor and sustainer. We must yield in submission to the HolyGhost who teaches and guides us in all things.

Samson became a toy in his enemy’s hands; his eyes were plugged out and he was stripped off his honourable clothes, you could even miss him for a begger, maybe a mad man who has stripped off his clothes and haven’t shaved for months. What really happened, he was disconnected from the source of his strength; God and the enemy prevailed over him. This looks like what happens to believers who is disconnected from their fellowship with God and therefore cannot stand in their place of authority.

Then we have updated information from God who indwells us. Then, we can make decisions that are aligned to his will then we will get results in line with his will for us. Then we won’t run like one beating the air but circumspectly as one who understands the will of God taking one step after another. Then our lives will not be full of errors made from disconnecting from our source like that of Samson whose life was shortened by reason of disconnection.

Like Jesus walked upon the face of the earth, he stayed connected to his Father taking every step he took till fulfil his ordained purpose for coming to the earth. Don’t forget he went through conditions that were painful, shameful and stressful and he could have disconnected at these temptations but he was focus, never to disconnected from his Father who has sent him here. Nothing was capable of stopping him, even money, fame and other earthly accessories. He is the perfect example we must surely follow and imitate.

  • Are you disconnected? Then you need to reconnect with your maker, for without him you can do nothing, just like the branch cannot bear fruit without the vine.
    Here is how:
  • Accept his Lordship
  • Follow him by obeying his word.
  • Stay aglow in the spirit- Pray always.
  • Build a life of fellowship with God.
  • Lead others into fellowship with God.
  • Stay prepared for his second coming

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