FOCUS ON YOUR FOCUS- Fulfilling your Divine Calling

Focus they say creates blindness. I mean blindness to all forms of distraction. Distraction is described as an attraction that side-tracks you.

Distraction may look like something attractive; it can even be an addition but it leaves you not fulfilling your divine mandate for destiny. Sometimes, it makes a man becomes nothing as touching God’s agenda and purpose.

A man that is said to be focused is a man who has only one goal/objective and who knows the why’s of his purpose and he pursues the reason for living. A man of focus is not one who always compares and contrasts himself with others, instead he runs with deep insight and understanding of God’s will. He is not trying to do what everybody is doing but what he has been called to do. He is a man of one-eye, I mean he is concerned about just one thing; what God has called him into.

When you keep looking at a particular direction, you find out that you cannot see what’s happening at other areas; You can only get to look at other areas except you lose focus of the direction of concern. When you focus on your God-given goal, you lose the picture of any other sight that might cause distraction. Even in our homes where we try to multi-task, we tend to do similar things at the same time instead of doing different things. Our level of focus is enhanced by doing similar things within the confines of our ability or concern.

Using biblical examples of focused men and women, I will like to discuss about Apostle Paul. He was a man of focus; he came into God’s will at a time when some people considered as late. He had been running the wrong race for a long time until when God encountered him on his way to Damascus. Paul had a clear understanding of his calling and why he was chosen by Go, so ran like one who was focused. He received divine vision and revelation from God and walked in the light of his word. He began to preach the gospel with all tenacity.

Infact, he knew those he was to focus on; the Gentiles and he ensured he did it. He went from city to another teaching and preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ unto them. At some places he was well- received and accommodated and at some places he was treated roughly, beaten terribly, insulted and badly treated but he continued not wavering. He continued to share the gospel despite all his sufferings, he lived and died for Jesus. Paul was focused and ran the race until he accomplished God’s divine plan and purpose for his life.

In life, nothing happens by coincidence, everything takes deliberate efforts whether renewal or destruction of something. If you have an infest of mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other insects in your home, you must have been deliberately leaving food (decayed) around your home, not emptying your waste bin early enough, not washing your dirty clothes, not cleaning your rooms as fast as possible and other unhealthy habits that degenerates to a home infested with all kinds of dangerous insects and rodents.

In the same manner, when you desire a clean and healthy environment for your home, it takes deliberate efforts also. You need to do thorough cleaning of your rooms, clearing out all dirts, dustbins, waste food and any other dirt that might accumulate to encourage rodents and insects living around and this must be done daily.Now, you understand that being focused takes deliberate effort because distraction is a force. It draws you closer to it when you give it your attention. When a young man desires to achieve a particular feat in life; he tends to put in deliberate efforts in achieving his goal.

If he desires to be a first-class student, he must study, attend classes, do his assignments and other necessary things in ensuring he achieves his goal. If he thinks he will just become a first-class student by chance or by just wishing he is likely to graduate with a pass or drop out of college as the case may be.

Great men in different aspect of human endeavor are men who had made deliberate efforts with clear understanding of the end of their goal in view. They are not men who live frivolously trying to please everyone at all time. They know their source, their opportunities, strengths and weaknesses or aim and they run with focus with the vision they have

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