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Life is worth living when it is lived to the glory of the Most High God.

Life is short and therefore must be lived deliberately. For me because God has given men gifts and has placed them in our world. It is our duty to learn from them and bless our world. Today, there are thousands and millions of books written by men and women God has chosen to bless your lives so that we can all transform our world together. Glory to God!
Eniola joy

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God never leaves himself without a witness. He always sends his word to change and transform every life. No life is too damaged to be repaired by the Word of God. Glory to God!



Children are the heritage of the Lord and they need to be train so that they can turn out well. Leaving them to learn by themselves is as dangerous as leaving a house to clean up itself without someone in charge. As they learn deliberately, they become who God has destined them to be. 


Starting your day with God is very important, this is because as we submit our day to day life to the auction of the Holy one we are aligned in the way that we should go to produce a fruitful day. Start your day with God today and experience God’s peace

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The best way to experience our wide collection of inspirational quotes is to visit our store. Speaking God’s word to life is key is fulfilling your purpose. As you release God’s word into your life, your are changed. You can also SHARE on your social media.