The main alternative to the concept of God creating everything is the theory of evolution. It suggests that everything we see is the product of blind chance and random changes that add up to order out of chaos and complexity out of simplicity. It takes a great leap of faith to accept evolution as fact.

It is totally wrong to suggest that God used evolution to produce the world as we know it because he plainly tells us he created the world as, including humans, in a logical and orderly manner.

The bible mentions creation often. We learn from John 1, Colossians 1, Hebrews 1, and many other passages that Jesus is the creator. Blind chance could not possibly have resulted in the wisdom we see all around us in the created world.

Psalm 104 in its entirety gives more examples of the creators’ wisdom. We also know facts about the natural world that show God’s wisdom in creation; like symbiotic relationships, where one creature is dependent on another for existence. They could not logically have evolved independently and then somehow become dependent.


God’s wisdom as seen in His creation (Psalm 104:24-30)

The earth is full of God’s riches, God has placed oil and other desired communities in the ground for us to find and use. Scientists have recently discovered that there are vast reservoirs of water, as much as in all the oceans, trapped far underground that could possibly be tapped and used if necessary.

While we test and measure men’s IQ, there are calculations of the knowledge or the wisdom of God. The earth may be experiencing many challenges but God’s wisdom is still seen in all creation of the earth. He gave the earth just the right balance of land and water.


God’s wisdom as seen in his ways (Psalm 104:3b-4).

God has always intervened in man’s history; his primary goal is to redeem mankind from sin and destruction. He uses the natural world system, the inclinations of individuals and the deeds of nations to bring about his desires.

God’s choices of these elements and factors are infinitely wise. We make mistakes with wars, natural resources and finances; but he coordinates the works of nature and nations to bring about the fulfillment of his plans and purposes.

God’s wisdom as seen in His dwelling place (Psalm 104:1-3a)

We do not have the full description of God’s dwelling place, but as the scripture reveals we get a glimpse. We see god clothing himself in “honour and majesty” and covering himself with light. He “stretchest the heavens like a curtain” and “layeth the beam of his chambers in the waters”. There is no accurate words to describe where and how God abides. We know he exists eternally, without beginning and end.

The wisdom of God‘s plan of salvation for humans is beyond telling or understanding. The wisdom of God in giving us the word, the Bible, is immerse. We are told enough that we can trust God and live in His ways, but not so much that we cannot understand what he has said.

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