Luke 8:15 “But that on the ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience”.

The word of God defines us and sets our future. Therefore it is important that we give heed to the word to live out our full potentials on earth. The parable of the sower as given by the account in the Book of Luke, was shared with so much clarity and details that gives a better understanding of it.

Hence it is worth studying alongside the other accounts of the same parable in the scriptures. The Parable of the sower reveals of four different hearers of the word. It uses similes to describe them. Wayside ground, rocky ground, thorny ground and good ground.

“Wayside” hearer didn’t understand the word and so lost it, ‘rocky ground’ hearer heard the word but did not have depth and so the word couldn’t take root downward to bear fruits upward.

Thorny ground’ hearer received the word but the cares of this world competed with the word as so it couldn’t bear fruit. However, the ‘good ground’ hearer received the word with honesty (sincerity) and kept it producing fruit with patience.

Sincerity is stressed here when it comes to receiving the word. To be sincere with the word is to receive it at its face value and for what it says, not what it doesn’t say. You don’t make the word say what you want it to say or feel it should have said. To do this is to be insincere with the word.

Accepting the word with all your heart without undivided attention. That’s is focusing on the word and the word alone until it impacts your heart and mind and leave an indelible mark on you.

Being sincere with the word is important to bearing fruits of righteousness by the word. Stay open to the word and be sincere with and true to what the word says to do. Receive the word with all meekness without any personal interpretation or augment in your heart. It is then we can say you have yielded to God’s word and the result of this is bearing much more fruit for Jesus in all areas of our lives.


In the name of Jesus, I open up your heart to God’s word, allowing it to straighten out my motives. I take the word of God at its face value. I obey the word always and I am not sentimental. I see the word as God sees it and I walk in accordance to it consistently. I make progress by the word in all areas of my life. I am fruitful and I stay true to God word no matter the challenges or situation. I am rooted and grounded in the word in Jesus name. Amen


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