INNER BEAUTY- The Beauty that attracts God.

Beauty is definitely not only in the outlook of a woman. If beauty were limited to the appearance of a lady then many beauty queens that have gotten married to handsome prince would have secured a good home and family, it is amazing to find out that beauty does not comprises on the physical appearances of a lady alone. How she looks, appears when she had done her make-ups and her outfit.

            Today our definition of beauty should be according to the standards of God as written in his word “beauty is vain but a woman who fears the Lord she shall be praised”… the scriptures defines beauty as an inner capacity, strength, flavor and aroma that attracts the attention of the King such that he cannot but resides in such a life. You may wonder from this definition, who is that King? What is that Inner capacity?

The beauty that the world defines after it is been seen and looked upon by the beholder, as time goes on begins to lose it worth, value, essence and importance. It won’t take long before he that admires such beauty begins to say otherwise in respect to this world defined beauty. This is because it is vain, eternally useless.

The beauty that God desires is the beauty that comes from within “a gentle and contrite heart, he will not despise”. It is the beauty that comes as a result of a development of an inner life that brings about the fullness of God dwelling in a man. It brings what we call a TOTAL WOMAN, a woman who is complete in Him who is the Head of all principalities and powers.

One who has surrendered her life to Christ that connotes that she did not have the life of her own anymore because she had been bought with a price, the precious blood of Jesus that have done a final work which no man can do.

            This inner beauty is not attained or built in a hurry; it takes consistent and true fellowship with the father to build such a stable and strong INNER LIFE. It does not consist of a mumble- jumble 5 minutes prayer coupled with religious and routine quiet time that carries no fire for which one can start a far distance journey.

The scriptures says, “a continuous and fervent prayer of a righteous….” Only a consistent walk with God can carry one far in order to reach God’s desired haven in all areas.
There are different examples in the scripture that talks about women that are beautiful but not attractive. Jezebel the wife of Ahab the king, Vasti, Dinah, Delilah and some others. These one were physically beautiful such that any man that sees them could tell how beautiful they were but we saw that their beauty do not even attract the King of Kings to take an abode in their very lives.

Also, there are women the scripture talks about who despite the degree of iniquity in their surroundings and vicinity they distinctively distinct themselves such that even till today they are well recognized and people saw that God indeed lived in them. Some of them are, Esther, Ruth, Mary, the mother of Jesus, Deborah, Rebecca etc. these ones made it evident that one can be beautiful and attractive to the King of Kings such that he could make an abode in them all.

Now that you know that God is not only interested in your outward beauty that fades with time but much more in the beauty that comes from WITHIN, Inner Beauty therefore, endeavour to build up and fan to flame the beauty of Christ embedded in the inside of you. “Then the king will desire your beauty:


In our generation where the ones who used cunning ways to manovers and get their success is celebrated and honoured. God still desires that his children irrespective of the situation keep his word and not deny the truth which he had given them.

            Sons and daughters that are not moved by vain things they are capable of discarding anything that wants them to bow down to the graven image of vain beauty in their Academic pursuit. They keep their eyes and desires focused on God and his word because in Him there is Life Eternal.


If your definition of choosing a marriage partner has been picking blindly a handsome, well to do guy who you think has a future, you are definitely wrong. Our physical eyes cannot define God’s beauty at all until we allow God to take over and go to sleep on the issue of finding a marriage partner we may not successfully choose the right partner and this could lead to an unfulfilled life and ministry. It is important you;

  • Surrender all to God
  • You must trust God
  • Make your heart ready to receive from God
  • Obey all His instructions



Food as we all know is very important to the health of a believer. It is important that we know that not all foods can be eaten even though it can provide the nutritional benefits the body needs.

A particular food may look attractive to one but dangerous to the health. Even as we prepare our food

  • good hygiene must be maintained
  • eating late must be duly avoided
  • eating of chucks is not allowed

Lastly we need to be self- disciplined to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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