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Words are powerful, they are tools in the hands of a wise master builder. By the word, the whole world was created and formed. Infact, the word sustains the world created by God and isn’t this amazing!. Now, God has given us the right to use words to our advantage such that we receive what we say. Use it wisely!


With Joy

Draw your inheritance with joy no matter the matter, God got your back and you are secured in him. Let go of the past and see the glorious future ahead of you.

All due diligence

Be reponsible, responsibility is spelt response ability; it is being diligent at whatever is committed into your hands by your maker, master and boss. don’t just do it for record purposes, do it as unto the Lord with all diligence

Take no offence

Because we are still in the body, we tend to offend each other. despite this we know we are born of God having overcome all manner of offence and strife. Guard your heart jealously and don’t be burdened with the load of sin.


Every believer has been called into the ministry of reconciliation and it’s our responsibility. It is not enough to sponsor it, preach the word.


If you are busy and still you are not able to accomplish God’s divine assignment for you then you are being wasteful because God gave you life to live for him. Today, arise and get busy instead of being wasteful.

Do it right!

Right living is deliberate, you cannot live right if you don’t ask for help. The Holy Spirit is our helper, he teaches and guides us into all truth. Therefore, do it right today and make life count 

Be Diligent

Work will not kill you,  this means there s no amount of diligence that will kill you instead it will only help you improve your sill.

God's will

God’s will is His word and his word is life and peace. When we are going through series of confrontations and challenges on our way to doing God’s will, we must not be weary instead we should rejoice knowing fully well that we will overcome.

Signs and Wonders

When we preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, we enjoy God’s attention. He attends to us with Miracles, Signs and wonders. Glory to God!

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