You must understand with absolute clarity that it is your responsibility to make your life count. It is totally wrong for you to wait for someone to make it count for you apart from God.Knowing your true value is very crucial, it affects how you make your life count. 

This is because longevity is not equal to productivity, age must not consume us rather you must be consumed by the passion for significance. Live out your life with God’s purpose in view and be ready to make an indelible mark on time and eternity.

God has made us to be like he is and it is therefore necessary to note that you are not mearnt to be limited by time. Time is only a blessing given to us, it must be used wisely. It is not age that measures significance. When you permit significance to guide you, you will reach your goal and fulfill your destiny in a grand style.



You must ensure by the inspiration of the Spirit that you live for purpose. Purpose is the definite reason for our existence. Jeremiah was already assigned a purpose even before he was born, this shows that you are created for purpose.


Knowing whom God had made us and strategically staying in our divine location is purpose. Nobody can live life to the full without discovering the reason for his existence. Revelation 4:11

          We are made for God’s pleasure and he wants us to live a pleasurable life embedded in purpose pre- ordained for us. Psalm 16:11. The path of life is the path of significance which is revealed in God’s plan as you learn to live life according to his word. Purpose is not outside purpose according to God’s original intent for you.


I am born of God, created to be like him on earth. I take responsibility to make my life count, I live in God alone who have made and equip me with resources to make my life count.

            My life is rooted in Christ Jesus. I live a productive life in Jesus name. I live a significant life consumed by passion for significance. I live out my life in God’s purpose therefore I make an indelible mark on time and eternity.

            I am unlimited in life, even time doesn’t limit me. Time is never against me, it is a blessing to me. My life counts, I take control of all situations or circumstances. I live life significantly and I reach my goal and fulfill destiny in a  grand style.

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