The word settled reveals the state of rest or peace by which all storms and billows are calmed and life is at its peak. It is God’s will for all to be settled. The situation where a life is settled is not actually the absence of chaotic situations or challenges of life, it is the presence of God in all spheres of such life.

You must have seen men and women who have money but they are not settled. The kind of settlement we speak of is the inward peace that transcends all understanding.

It is when God’s fullness dwells in a life and envelopes it that’s when a life is settled. Our total dependency on our heavenly father who supplies our needs according to his riches in glory through Christ Jesus makes us settled.

When a man lack peace and is void of understanding of the word, he isn’t settled. Glory to God for all he has done for us and the finished work on the cross and the resurrection to give us a new life. Today many of us do not accept the word as it were but confess that we truly believe. It is not just words of mouth that reveals the love of Christ but our actions, our doings as we live our day to day life.


When a man knows that God is with him and he lives his life as such then we can say he is settled. The knowledge of the word and the spirit is the key to receiving rest from all troubles and challenges of life. The spirit of God in us is capable to clear our doubt and enlighten our concerning the love and love of the father towards us in all situations. True revival is not just activities and programs as we see in our contemporary days, it is the impression of the power of the Holy Spirit upon all that believe in him.

spiriual man

Nigeria had faced some economic crises and still facing some it is a settled man that rest from all his labours to focus on the living God. It is easy to be drifted away by situations that aches our heart but no! We must not permit the plans of the enemy to prevail as we must live a settled life.

Many who lack the understanding of who they are and their place in Christ is seen running helter skelter from one place to another seeking help and succor from things and men. Infact because of lack of peace some have lost their lives leading to eternal damnation, some that been affected with incurable diseases such that has envelope their money and precious time. We must see God in action always in our lives as we totally depend on him for all in all situations. A settled man is a rested man.

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