Why Standing Strong

Standing strong means staying strong to your faith, holding to your faith which you have obtained in Christ Jesus. It also means standing strong in the liberty that God made you free, believing every word that the Lord had spoken to you. This is not as a result of the situation whether it difficult or easy, it is because God’s word had come forth or had gone ahead to perfect all that concerns you.

Though the fig tree may not blossom; things may not be going as expected or as planned still stand strong. Stand strong because God has a plan for you and his plan for you is good not evil to give you a hope and a future.


Daniel and his companions

Stand strong, remember Daniel and his companions, when they were taken captive in the land of Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzar whom the Lord gave the Israelites into his hands as at that time. The scriptures made it clear that the children of Israel disobeyed the word of the Lord by doing this, they opened the door for the enemy to come in by not following the precepts God gave them. Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego were also carried along in this captivity. Though they were in the land of bondage but God exonerated them, God distinguished them, favored them and they were chosen by the king to serve in the kingdom.


Because the king wants the best young men who will serve in his palace, he commanded that they be given food and other necessary things in accordance to royal standards. Thus, the head of the team ensured they were presented with food as the king demand that they be given to them.  Despite the fact that the king demand was urgent and should not be changed, Daniel and his companions saw that by reason of their consecration to God the food could defile them.

Due to this, they quickly pleaded with the team head that they would like not eat of this very food instead they chose what they wanted to eat. They chose not to defile themselves with the portion of the king’s meat instead they chose to focus on what is relevant to the call of God upon their lives. Their focus was what matters to God, things that made for life and godliness and they wanted to do the biddings of the Almighty.

Though the leader of team was skeptical about the whole plan of Daniel and his companions, he decided to try them on this but with proofs that this will sure work because if they actually look malnourished in the space of 10 days, he would not permit them to go ahead with such plan. So, they did as the team head instructed. Lo and behold, after these days, Daniel and his companions looked fresher on their new diet. Of course, the diet might be good but more their dedication to serve the Lord Christ with their Spirit, Soul and body.

Daniel and his companions took their stand.  They stand strong knowing the implications of what eating the king’s meat could cause them. In the same manner God wants them to stand strong in his will all the time, there are so many things that might want to shift our gaze or distract us from standing strong. It might be the cares of this world.

One of those things that Daniel and his companions saw that wants to distract them from standing strong in Babylon was food and more. They may look to many like affluence but it keeps us from becoming relevant in our sphere of influence. No matter the nice those things look if not put in their correct perspective could cause a lot of damage to our walk with God.

There are things that are removable and there are things that are not removable. If we are honored because of the removable things. This might be good clothing, shoes and others but after they are removed who do we become? Food even though important but when not addressed with understanding could lead to the downfall of a spiritual giant. Do not allow the enemy to pull you down by the challenges that you are facing.


Daniel and his companions stood strong for the Lord despite the situation they were in Babylon. You know Babylon was known for so many atrocities and sins; a place where sexual immorality was the order of the day, idolatry, a place where the knowledge of God’s word is despised and so on. 

Immediately the king chose Daniel and his companions so many things changed about them; their names were changed, their clothing, food intake, they may even have cut their hair in a particular manner to fit with culture and traditions of Babylon.

Furthermore, they were put under training under strict supervision of their team head. Despite all this, it dawns on them that they were not just ordinary men who were taken captive by King Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon. They could not afford to fail God though they were in an entirely strange land where everything seems to be upside down and where there is a new normal. Their new normal might include bowing down to idols, sexual immorality and other evil vices that negate God’s word.

With all the negative energy around them calling for their attention, Daniel and his companions stood strong for God. Despite all odds, fears and all manner of discouragements, they remain steadfast to the law of the Lord.  They did not bow to the new normal. It is time to stand strong even at this time


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