THE GOOD SHEPHERD -Children Version



The Lord is my shepherd

A shepherd is one who cares for his sheep. He feeds the sheep and protect it from danger when the big wolves or any other enemy comes close to harm the sheep.

The Sheep

The sheep is not afraid of anything because the good shepherd is always with it every where it goes. Whether to the stream or the shed, he is always there. Even when the sheep travels from one country to another the shepherd ensures the sheep is well feed and protected

Run to the Shepherd

When the sheep feels there is a danger like when a lion or a big bear is coming, he runs to the shepherd.

Do you know what happens when the sheep cry to the shepherd for help?

The Shepherds runs quickly to help the sheep. The Shepherd is strong and can defeat any animal that wants to attack the sheep.

The true Shepherd

God is the true shepherd, he created you in his image and after his likeness.

He gives you a daddy and a mummy who loves you. He also gives you friends who cares about you and aunties and uncles who cherish you so much.

Because God is the true shepherd, what do you think he will do for you?

  • He loves you
  • He protects you
  • He cherishes you
  • He provides for your needs

He does so many things even the ones you did not mention

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The true Shepherd – Protector

Just like the sheep, the true shepherd protects you from any danger. He does this by sending his angels to protect you.

When you are afraid, he tells you to be bold and help you overcome your fears.

When a bad person comes for you, he protects you from them. Sometimes he alerts our parents about us so that we can be save.

The true shepherd is a protector.

He can also protect daddy and mummy.

He can protect your brothers and sisters

He can protect all your uncles and aunties

He can protect all your friends

How wonderful he is (emoji).

Whenever you call on him, he hears you and will help you

The True Shepherd is a Provider

A sheep always have so much to eat because he has a shepherd. This means when a sheep does not have a shepherd it will be hungry.

God does not want us to be hungry. He always wants to provide for us so that we can also give others.

The true shepherd gives you delicious meals that are full of nutrients that will help you grow well.

He provides for you by blessing daddy and mummy with enough resources to buy and cook your food.

He can also send people around your home to bless your family.


The True Shepherd is a Teacher

Do you have a teacher?

A teacher is one who educates you by helping you learn new things.

We have teachers in school because they help us learn and become a better person.

The shepherd can also teach you many things;

  • He teaches you to love yourself
  • He teaches you to love your family
  • He teaches you to love your friends
  • He teaches you to love your uncles and aunties
  • He teaches to love and respect others
  • He teaches you to love God

When he teaches us, he wants us to listen and obey him

When we obey him, he continues to help us.

He teaches you by helping Daddy and Mummy to teach you the word of God.

He also gives you aunties and uncles who love God can share Gods word with you.



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Treasure in Earthen Vessel

Being a vessel unto honour means that you know who God has called you to be and you stay where God has placed you being faithful to what God has called you to be no matter what standing against  you; whether it is any form of offence that wants to pull you out of your place or a strife lurking at your corner. 2 Timothy 2:21 

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