Truth is the genuineness of information or something very important. It is important to note that the truth does not change at all. It remains constant and can stand the test of time. When a man begins to engage him/herself in things that are not true, it can really affect such life negatively.

 The truth is essential especially in this generation where everyone loves to tell one or more lies to cover up on their responsibilities. The plan of the devil in this generation is to cause people not to believe in the truth such that they can be easily deceived. The scripture say in John 8:32 “.and you shall know the truth and the truth shall sets you free”.

It is certain that the truth cannot fail at all even because it brings light to all circumstances and situation that it comes across. The truth in our country today has totally become a scarce commodity that is very expensive to come by. Many people began their life with the truth but along the way so that was corrupted by flattering coming from the pit of hell Daniel 11;

God want us to stand firm in the truth such that we become irremovable for the enemy no matter his gimmicks or wiles. It is good to understand the truth but it is much better to walk in the truth. “Not hearers but doers of the word shall be justified.

Pride is when a man sees himself below or above what God has said he is. There is a truth about who you are in Christ Jesus, your benefits and responsibility can only be fully known by the truth. When a lady is ignorant of what God had embedded inside of her then she begins to offer herself as an instrument for the Devil .it makes a lady not to be able to achieve the plan and purpose of God, it makes impacting lives unnecessary and cause one to lack focus.

The future is here already and as we know a virtuous woman will not eat the bread of idleness (laziness). Proverbs 31 Many ladies today say so many things and what they appreciate have seen or heard but they have failed to realize that God want each one of us to walk in the tooth. Reuben, Dinah, Jezebel, the sons of Eli, etc. are on of the one of the examples of those people who does no walk in the truth.

God’s grace gives the avenue to deny all forms all ungodliness. It brings man to walk in the truth without any iota of darkness. The truth is like a light, it shines and cause darkness to fade away, and it illuminates the atmosphere. It brings to our understanding of who we are.

Jesus is the truth the world needs to be sustained. ..”There is no salvation in any other” 2 Corinthians until Jesus is accepted as Lord and saviour.


            Marriage is God’s institution; it is created by God to bruise the head of the serpent. It serves as an avenue for us to be part of fulfilling God’s agenda for mankind.

Before we make decisions in respect to marriage, we need to understand and walk in the truth. The more we are exposed to the truth in which is embedded in Christ Jesus, the more we are change or transform just like he is.

Ignorance is one of the strategies of the Devil but when a lady is exposed to the truth or light, ignorance in form of darkness have to give way. God is the very light that shines into all circumstances of life.


Nutrition is an important part of food intake; it affects the extent at which it is consumed. It’s  important for us to know that thought many food looks attractive to us and makes us salivate that does not mean the food is right for consumption. When the truth about a food is not known people might continue to consume it in ignorance.

God want us to be in good health even as our soul prosper (iii John 1:2) He desires the truth in the in the inward part. Eating in line with the truth is a complete remedy for bad health and a balanced diet for the future


No one can ever be successful in this life without the move of the spirit in a new dimension. Our academics are important before God. Only a righteous man can answer the soul of a man

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